Plant a Seed, Grow a Garden

We are excited to introduce the Global Conservation Fund (GCF) – a special opportunity to support the growth and sustainability of A Rocha’s conservation efforts around the world.

How it works:

Plant a seed

The Global Conservation Fund supports the planting and development of new Christian conservation organizations across six continents. Already we have three A Rocha Associated Projects and nine Friends of A Rocha groups and your investment ensures we have the resources to nourish this network and grow our A Rocha Worldwide Family sustainably. By financially supporting the Global Conservation Fund, you can help us expand our projects deeper and wider around the world.

Grow a garden

In addition to planting seeds with new organizations, we are focused on deepening our roots where A Rocha already works. Established in 20 countries and counting, A Rocha has a 40-year history of biodiversity conservation and long-term investment in people and places. The Global Conservation Fund builds on our conservation successes – like the African Forest Programme or the Marine Conservation Programme – and supports innovative new projects, to further strengthen A Rocha’s impact on biodiversity conservation and climate change.

We are reliant on supporters like you to help the A Rocha Worldwide Family flourish. Thank you for joining us with your prayers, gifts, and shared vision for the hope for creation.

For more information, please contact Avery Robson at [email protected]

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