African Forest Programme Coordinator

Tropical forests across Africa are under relentless pressure – a problem we witness all too frequently in our daily conservation work. Yet we know conservation is about hope: deforestation can be halted and aspirations for sustainable development can be attained. A Rocha Ghana, for example, is leading an impressive international campaign to save the Atewa forest, while A Rocha Kenya is working with communities to preserve the important coastal forests of Kenya.

To date, A Rocha’s forest conservation projects have mainly been locally-focused, working with our partners to conserve a particular forest in a particular landscape. But while grounding ourselves in a landscape and doing locally-relevant conservation will always be core to how we work, we believe we can do more and add greater value if we bring our work, expertise and networks together. In response, we have developed a forest programme which combines the efforts of four projects with five A Rocha organizations to deliver the following framework.

It is to support this delivery that we are seeking an experienced forest programme coordinator (PC), able to live and work in one of the four programme countries: Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, or Uganda.

Download the complete Terms of Reference including more on how to apply.