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Esta caja de herramientas sobre el plástico te ayudará a contribuir a los esfuerzos globales para luchar contra la contaminación por plástico en los océanos, como individuo, familia, grupo o iglesia. Reúne ciencia, teología, educación y estilo de vida, con vídeos, descargas y otros recursos. Puedes hacer un estudio bíblico, utilizar una ficha técnica para aprender más, hablar con otros, hacer una búsqueda de nurdle y pensar en los próximos pasos para tu localidad. Aquí tienes algunos recursos:


A Rocha videos on plastic pollution?

  • Plastic-free living on A Rocha Portugal’s Youtube channel – videos
  • Interacting with Christians on Microplastics Along the Mediterranean Coasts of Monaco and France presented at the International Congress on Conservation Biology – video
  • Nurdle research in Florida presented at the Micro2020 conference – video
  • A Rocha USA nurdle research in Florida – non-technical video
  • On the planet, in the ocean, in sharks as part of an OCEARCH webinar series – video
  • Why should Christians specifically care about this plastic pollution – video
  • Plastic in the Food Chain – video
  • Biblical overview of plastic pollution – video
  • Scientific overview of plastic pollution – video

Useful videos

Here are some powerful and informative videos by those outside the A Rocha family which are sure to capture people’s attention! Informative Videos (PDF)

More marine-related content:

Recursos educativos

Including downloadable Factsheets in different languages, Powerpoint and audio presentations, blogs, and a questionnaire you can use to ask people about microplastics.

Microplastics factsheet

What are microplastics? All the essential information on one double-sided sheet!  English (PDF) French (PDF) Portuguese (PDF) Spanish (PDF)

Simple Microplastics factsheet

A simplified version of the Microplastics factsheet above without scientific jargon or references. English (PDF)

Microplastics and Seabirds factsheet

How microplastics impact seabirds in particular. Seabirds factsheet (PDF)

Plastic in the Food Chain factsheet

How does plastic impact our food?

Microplastics and food security

How do microplastics impact our food systems? MPs and food security  (PDF)

Introductory presentation on microplastics

Slides complete with pictures, text and presentation notes designed to help you introduce others to the issues surrounding microplastic pollution. Introduction-to-microplastics v1.1 (PowerPoint)

Introductory presentation on plastic pollution

Slides complete with pictures, text and presentation notes designed to help you introduce others to the issues surrounding plastic pollution. Plastic Presentation (Powerpoint)


This questionnaire is short, simple and designed to give you a tool to be able to ask individuals about their understanding and concern about microplastics.  Microplastics questionnaire (PDF)

A Rocha on plastic pollution

Several resources to help you learn about plastic pollution – videos in the media section.

  • A photo essay on plastic pollution in the Bahamas.
  • Audio presentation by Dr Robert Sluka entitled An Ocean of Hope.
  • Blog post by Rev Dr Dave Bookless Plastic Theology.
  • Blog by Dr Robert Sluka An Ocean of -plastic – Hope.

Búsqueda de nurdles y limpieza de playas

Everything you need to search for little pieces of plastic, including a handbook, photo ID guide scientific introductions, and a collection of citizen science projects, and a beach cleanup guide in many languages.

Beach Cleanup Guide

downloadable beach cleanup guide, to help those who want to organize their own beach or other clean up events. This guide is also available in FrenchPortuguese (Brazilian)Portuguese (European) and Spanish.

Nurdle Hunt information sheet

Have you heard of the Great Nurdle Hunt? Take part in a global survey of where these little pieces of plastic are present on our beaches, lakes and rivers.Nurdle hunt info sheet (PDF)

Method for detailed scientific study of microplastics

A complete handbook on how to take part collecting detailed data on visible microplastics (1mm-5mm) on your local sandy beach. Microplastic sampling protocol (PDF)

Microplastic photo ID guide

Found some microplastics but don’t know what they are? This photo guide can help you work out which type of microplastic it is! Microplastics photo guide (PDF)

Plastics in the Food Chain

Peer-review paper – Ederer, B. and R.D. Sluka. 2020. Plastics in the Food Chain. Perspectives on Science and Faith 72(3): 167-175. Request a copy from lead author [email protected]

MICRO2020 Florida nurdles talk

Scientific talk given by Dr Robert Sluka of A Rocha International about A Rocha USA’s research on nurdles on Florida’s Space Coast.

IMCC6 Sluka Florida Nurdles

A walk around the study sites in Florida where ARUSA is researching nurdle spatial and temporal patterns. Meant for non-scientists to understand how we can learn about microplastic pollution through citizen science.

ICCB 2019 talk: Christians and microplastics

Scientific talk given by Dr Robert Sluka of A Rocha International at the 2019 International Congress on Conservation Biology entitled “Interacting with Christians on microplastics along the Mediterranean coasts of Monaco and France.”

Citizen Science projects database

Take part in collecting data on plastic pollution whether it be macro or micro in your local area through participating in one or more of these existing citizen science programs. Citizen science projects (PDF)

Estudios bíblicos y oraciones

Bible study on marine plastic pollution

A Bible study to do individually or with a small group to reflect on Biblical passages about the ocean and how they shed light on the problem of plastic pollution. Bible Study ‘Plastic in God’s oceans’ (PDF)

Reflection for beach cleanup

Managed to find a group of people to do a beach clean? Why not begin with a reflection about the significance of your actions to enter into a spirit of worship. Written by A Rocha co-founder Miranda Harris. Reflection for beach cleanup (PDF)

A prayer for the oceans

This original prayer can be used as part of a service on a beach, after the plastic pollution Bible study, or as part of your personal devotions. Written by Aline Nussbaumer, A Rocha France. Prayer for the Oceans (PDF) (also available in French, Portuguese and Spanish)

English reading by Molly Cahill

Brazilian Portuguese reading by Ben Bacheller

Biblical Overview on Plastics

A talk by Rev Dr Dave Bookless of A Rocha International on the theological understanding of why Christians should be involved in reducing plastic pollution.

Devotional – The Bible and the Ocean

A collection of resources to help you reflect on your faith, the Bible, and the ocean. Includes an inductive Bible study, reflections, short writings, and resources for further study. Marine devotional (PDF)

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