Climate Stewards

Climate Stewards provides free online carbon calculators and advice to help individuals and organisations to measure, reduce and offset their carbon footprint.

The personal carbon footprint calculator helps you work out the carbon emissions from all areas of life – flights, driving, public transport, household energy, food, waste, water and everything else – what they call ‘stuff’! The 360carbon calculator is designed to help churches, small charities and businesses to work out their carbon footprint from everything they do.

Climate Stewards also offers a consultancy service providing comprehensive carbon footprint audits for larger organisations.

Carbon offsetting is a way of compensating for the negative impact of your carbon emissions by paying to fund carbon mitigation projects which take an equivalent amount of CO₂ out of the atmosphere. These either involve locking up (‘sequestrating’) CO₂ as trees grow, or limiting growth in emissions by replacing fossil fuels with low-carbon technologies such as fuel-efficient cookstoves or water filters.

Using their innovative Seal of Approval standard, Climate Stewards works with A Rocha National Organisations and other Christian partners to design, manage and monitor robust, sustainable and transparent community carbon projects. All these projects bring multiple benefits to local communities (including saving money and time spent obtaining firewood or charcoal for cooking, improving health and increasing biodiversity) alongside mitigating carbon. Currently Climate Stewards is supporting partner projects in Uganda, Ghana, Nepal, Kenya, Peru and Tanzania.

Climate Stewards can also issue Seal of Approval licences to suitable community carbon projects run by other NGOs. This allows other organisations to support good projects through carbon finance.

If you would like to find out more, head to the Climate Stewards website or email [email protected].

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