Theology & Churches

Theology & Churches

We support Christians for environmental action through conservation projects, resources for churches and involvement in global networks.

Equipping Christian communities

A Rocha resources Christians for environmental action in countless ways, including hands-on conservation projects, written materials from blogs and sermons to academic theology, teaching in churches, seminaries and conferences and by involvement in global networks. We work with church leaders to raise awareness, build relationships and raise vision for action.

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Become a Church Partner

We invite churches to join in our mission to live out God’s calling to care for creation as we seek a world where nature flourishes and people live equitably and sustainably.

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Resources for churches

Browse our resources for churches at the At Your Service website. This is being developed all the time, so do sign up here for our quarterly resource emails. At Your Service has been designed for Christian groups who want to explore the biblical basis of caring for God’s earth. You’ll find sermon ideas, Bible studies, prayers, songs, children’s activities and much, much more.

Church action around the world

A few of the many examples:

A Rocha Canada runs Good Seed Sunday.

In the USA, Canada, UK and New Zealand we run community gardens, often in church grounds, which bring people into contact with nature, provide community and supply tasty, healthy food to some of the most vulnerable members of society.

A Rocha Ghana is trialing an adapted version of Eco Church in several districts and works with seminaries and Christian networks. A Rocha’s Associated Project, Christians in Conservation Philippines has been appointed official partner to the Philippines Council of Evangelical Churches.

Read about Eco Church, which awards churches taking practical steps for the environment. This originated in England & Wales, A Rocha Aotearoa NZ runs Eco Church in New Zealand,  A Rocha Switzerland is involved in Eco Church Switzerland and A Rocha France runs Église Verte.

A Rocha USA has designed exciting Bible-based summer camps for children.

More about A Rocha and how to stay in touch

A Rocha International is a Christian wildlife conservation organization, based in 20 countries. We work with communities to protect their local habitats: sometimes forests, wetlands or grasslands of global conservation importance, sometimes small patches of urban land. 

There are Christian distinctives to our approach to creation care. You can read the A Rocha Commitment to Creation Care here. We partner with Christian organisations and initiatives such as Lausanne and WEA.

We have produced a number of resource packs on a creation care theme, for Christians in the UK and elsewhere to use in their services. Sharing teaching resources with the church, and enabling Christians to Inspire each other is an important part of our work.

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