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A Rocha works in over 20 countries on six continents, and we have a presence in many more through the Friends of A Rocha Network.

A Rocha International represents and supports A Rocha national organizations and associated projects, initiates and convenes new collaborative programmes in the worldwide family, and facilitates the launch of new A Rocha organizations. Our joint initiatives include the Theology and Churches Programme, the Marine Conservation Programme, and the African Forest Programme.


A Rocha Australia works spans the continent, with directors from five states and local groups meeting regularly across the country. Projects include habitat restoration of the Southern Highland Shale Forest and research into a threatened species of eucalyptus. A Rocha Australia is also partnering with Cassinia Environmental, a pioneer in carbon farming in Australia, to develop creative ways to fund nature conservation and protect against climate change.

Visit the A Rocha Australia website.


A Rocha Canada preserves sensitive habitats and threatened species, growing food and feeding people on low incomes and inspiring children and people on the margins. The Brooksdale Environmental Centre internships offer experience in sustainable agriculture, conservation science, environmental education or food and hospitality – as well as community life and a chance to learn about environmental stewardship and the Christian faith.

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Czech Republic

The A Rocha team in NE Bohemia trains children and young naturalists through clubs, camps, and bird ringing demonstrations. Their environmental centre Krupárna, with two hectares of ‘nature garden’ is an ideal site. The team also carries out long-term bird monitoring in Orlické Záhoří (eastern Bohemia) with the Czech Ornithological Society, and runs courses to train aspiring ornithologists of all ages.

Visit the A Rocha Czech Republic website


A Rocha France has been involved in work and research in the Vallée des Baux, near Arles, for 20 years, engaging local landowners and government in sustainable land use and conservation. The centre Les Courmettes in the hills above Nice is a Natura 2000 reserve and an international base for environmental awareness, education and training, with activities, conferences, family holidays and children’s camps. The team have developed resources for churches (Eglise Verte) and are building an Ambassador network.

Visit the A Rocha France website 


Working from four field bases, A Rocha Ghana conducts research and provides training to help communities protect some of the most biodiverse and threatened habitats throughout the country: mangroves on which coastal fishing communities depend; Atewa Forest and its surrounding villages; Lake Bosomtwe and its forest/wetland system; and the arid savannah surrounding Mole National Park. A Rocha Ghana leads the campaign to protect Atewa forest from bauxite mining. As part of helping each village manage their land, A Rocha Ghana provides training in alternative livelihoods like beekeeping and fungi farming.

Visit the A Rocha Ghana website


Since 2004 A Rocha India has been working in and around Bannerghatta National Park outside Bangalore, a scrub forest where Asian Elephants live. The elephants live very close to neighbouring farmland and urban areas, which can cause human-elephant conflict. Based from the Kasserguppe Field Study Centre, the A Rocha team are finding effective solutions through careful science and environmental education for the long term sustainability of wildlife, habitats and the people who live there.

Due to COVID-19, the family that owns the centre, needs to sell some of the land. They intend to complete the sale by the end of 2022. For our vital work to continue, we need to purchase the land where our office and most of our activities are based. Read more here

Visit the A Rocha India website 


A Rocha Kenya’s field study centre is on the coast opposite Watamu National Marine Park. The team monitors the health of the park, the coral reef and the important coastal mangrove forests of Mida Creek. Other research focuses on Dakatcha Woodland, north of the coast, and the Arabuko-Sokoke Forest, both remnants of dry coastal forest with a high number of rare birds and creatures like the endangered Golden-rumped Elephant-shrew Rhynchocyon chrysopygus. The Arabuko-Sokoke Schools and Eco-tourism Scheme (ASSETS) is a school bursary programme to conserve these habitats and increase the benefits to local communities from sustainable eco-tourism and environmental education.

Visit the A Rocha Kenya website


Confronted by the impacts of the nearby Syrian civil war and a large influx of refugees into Lebanon, A Rocha Lebanon has focused on two projects in the Bekaa Valley. The Qab Elias Environmental Project offers residents a community garden with a pond and labyrinth. Mekse Nature Park provides green open space and environmental education to the surrounding refugee communities. Native trees and shrubs supply food for wildlife, so that in time, the park will also offer habitat for birds, reptiles and invertebrates.

Visit the A Rocha Lebanon website


A Rocha Netherlands actively involves Dutch Christians in local conservation projects all around the country. These nature conservation projects are embedded in local community-life and are run by volunteers. A Rocha also engages local churches and Christian communities in environmental conservation and sustainability through lectures, workshops, publications and courses. This includes an Eco-scan for churches and close work with Climate Stewards.

Visit the A Rocha Netherlands website

Aotearoa New Zealand

A Rocha Aotearoa New Zealand runs community conservation projects on the North and South Islands. The flagship project is the restoration of Mt Karioi, an important site for seabirds like the Grey-faced Petrel, or Ōi. The programme is improving breeding success by controlling predators over 2,500 hectares. The team provides in-school and after-school educational programmes, and runs the E3 Wilderness Expeditions for young people in partnership with Scripture Union and Adventure Specialities Trust. An Eco Church NZ programme helps churches across the country actively care for God’s earth.

Visit the A Rocha New Zealand website

Nigeria: Eden Creation Care Initiative

Eden Creation Care Initiative is an Associated Project of A Rocha International. Eden offers education and support in scientific research to help communities protect areas important for their biodiversity. The main focus is at Rennajj Fish Farm, 80 hectares on the fringes of the Jos metropolis, where the scrub and wetlands are managed and protected to enhance their conservation value.

Visit the Eden Creation Care Nigeria website


A Rocha Peru is restoring dry forest, which is one of the country’s most threatened landscapes, providing habitat for many endangered species. the aim is to improve the health of the forest and protect vulnerable native species, working with local communities to restore, conserve and sustainably manage the landscape and increase tree cover on agricultural lands.  A Rocha Peru is also working with local community members to introduce ecological ovens that will reduce the reliance on charcoal and firewood and to provide training in agroforestry and sustainable income alternatives, including the production of algarrobina syrup and traditional handicrafts.

Visit the A Rocha Peru website

Philippines: Christians in Conservation

In 2019, Christians in Conservation Philippines (CIC) became the second Associated Project of A Rocha International. With an office at the Asian Theological Seminary (Quezon City) and a 10 hectare fieldwork site in the Sierra Madre mountains, CIC’s vision is to train people in earth-keeping, teach zero waste management and establish a native plant nursery and seedling bank alongside practical teaching on what the Bible has to say about caring for creation.

Visit the Christians in Conservation Philippines website 


A Rocha’s first field study centre opened in the Algarve in 1987. Since then, the team has been researching the wildlife and habitats to protect them from the worst ravages of the tourism industry. Local wader flocks, including Black-winged Stilt Himantopus himantopus, are counted regularly. Botanical monitoring and the collection of plant specimens around the Ria de Alvor has provided crucial scientific evidence of illegal habitat destruction. A Rocha Portugal campaigns to protect this outstanding estuary from inappropriate development.

Visit the A Rocha Portugal website 

South Africa

South Africa is home to the third greatest biodiversity of any country in the world. A Rocha South Africa works to re-engage the Church to its mandate to care for God’s creation, conducts practical restoration projects of forest, riverine and semi-desert ecosystems, and enthuses younger generations of all cultures to the wonders of God’s creation through environmental education.

Visit the A Rocha South Africa website

Sweden: KriNa

Kristna för naturvård i Sverige (KriNa for short, or in English: Christians for Nature Conservation in Sweden), an A Rocha Associated Project, is helping individuals, groups and churches in Sweden to care more for creation and protect places for biodiversity, especially locally.

Visit the KriNa website


A Rocha Switzerland’s main focus of study is dry grassland, a threatened habitat in the country. A Rocha has made species inventories in many parts of the country to help identify conservation priorities and advise on land management. Each year the team mobilizes volunteers who undertake practical tasks, helping farmers to improve the wildlife diversity of their meadows, and runs eco-adventure camps for children, in partnership with other Christian organizations.

Visit the A Rocha Switzerland website


A Rocha Uganda is supporting communities and nature through conservation, environmental education and sustainable livelihood projects, such as teaching community members how to build simple bio-sand filters. These pass water through layers of sand and sediment, producing clean water that does not require boiling. That means fewer trees cut down for charcoal production and time released from kitchen duties – better for everyone! In West Bugwe Forest, A Rocha Uganda is working with partners to increase forest cover and biodiversity and take care of the people who live nearby.

Visit the A Rocha Uganda website


A Rocha UK’s mission is to mobilise Christians and churches in the UK to care for the environment as a normal part of their discipleship. We are fulfilling this mission through our key programmes: Wild Christian, our conservation network, Partners in Action, which includes our own natures reserves, Eco Church and Convening to reach Christians, christian land managers, church and church leaders with a creation care message on a national scale.

Visit the A Rocha UK website


A Rocha USA’s mission is to inspire and equip Christians to know and love their local places through practical, community-driven conservation projects. They offer ‘Pollinator Parties’ to teach people how to create a garden with local plants that are beneficial to pollinators, and are developing creation care material for summer camps and Sunday schools. A Rocha Arts partners with musical and visual artists around the country who share the vision for Christians to be actively and creatively engaged in the flourishing of God’s earth by restoring people and places.

Visit the A Rocha USA website

Climate Stewards

Climate Stewards, an A Rocha Thematic Organization, teaches people about climate change and reducing their carbon footprint, and then encouraging them to offset what they can’t reduce.

Visit the Climate Stewards website

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