‘Making a World of Difference’ at COP28

There were many ‘firsts’ at the recent UN Climate Conference, COP28. It was the first time that the burning of fossil fuels was officially acknowledged as the key cause and driver of climate change. There was a new Health Day and a sustainable fashion show. We especially applauded the first ever Faith Pavilion, which mobilised people of faith to ‘catalyse more ambitious, effective, holistic and just climate action.’  

Towards the end of the conference, Renew Our World and A Rocha International’s Head of Theology, Dave Bookless, launched their short book, Making a World of Difference, at the event ‘Religious Resistance to Climate Action’ in the Faith Pavilion. This is by no means the first faith-based book on caring for the planet, but despite decades of campaigning, many faith communities remain resistant to climate action. This little book was especially designed to equip global church leaders to respond to the climate and biodiversity crisis. In Dave’s words, ‘If you study God’s word and love your neighbour you’ll want to “Make a World of Difference” for Jesus’ sake. This book tells you why, shows you how and gives you hope.’  

As the only global Christian organization working specifically in biodiversity conservation, A Rocha offered a unique perspective, both in and outside of the Faith Pavilion. A Rocha Ghana’s National Director, Seth Appiah-Kubi spoke at the event, ‘Faith and Nature: Partners in Landscape Restoration and Nature-based Solutions’. Alongside a fantastic panel, Seth described how A Rocha Ghana collaborates with local communities around forests and savannahs to mitigate climate change, restore biodiversity and support sustainable livelihoods. Daryl Bosu, also from A Rocha Ghana, championed nature-based solutions in an event hosted by the IUCN; later, he showcased an initiative to protect shea parklands across West Africa at the Pavilion of the Global Alliance for a Sustainable Planet. 

We leave COP28 encouraged and hopeful that Christians will rise to the challenge of tackling climate change while halting and reversing biodiversity loss. Read Making a World of Difference below to learn how and why you should take action to care for God’s creation. 

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