Creative approaches to

environmental education

in Ghana

In Ghana, A Rocha has taken an innovative approach to environmental education through art projects and the creative concept of a ‘Council of All Beings’.

Participants in a ‘Council of All Beings’ workshop are invited to give a voice to, and speak on behalf of non-human aspects of the natural world. For example, they may choose to represent a mountain, rainforest, tree, bee or dolphin. A discussion is then held by this ‘council’ about the changes and challenges faced by different species.

It is designed to help participants raise awareness of the connection and interdependence between humans and the natural world acknowledge and give voice to the suffering of our world
Listen to other perspectives around ecological issues Consider what we need to hear and notice from the natural world

Participants gain insights about themselves and the world by taking a different perspective. This enables them to see possible solutions and actions more clearly to protect and restore our environment. Creative approaches can support existing activities, develop new skills, build creative leadership and stimulate social change.

In the Volta Togo region of Ghana, this approach has been used alongside art activities to focus on deforestation and species extinction. In the Lake Bosomtwe Biosphere Reserve a ‘council of all beings’ has been used with school children to focus on climate change and water pollution.

Creative action tools and methodologies like this have now been used in Ghana with more than 15 NGOs, 70 educators, 40 biocultural educators and more than 3000 students.

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