Saving Atewa Forest

A Rocha is campaigning to save Atewa Forest in Ghana, home to one of the highest recorded numbers of globally threatened species of any forest in West Africa: over 100 are threatened or near threatened with extinction, including five Critically Endangered species. One plant, two butterflies and one frog are found nowhere else in the world. There are strong economic and social arguments for protecting the forest. A Rocha ensures that the rich yet vulnerable biodiversity of the forest also has a voice.

Home to the endangered mangabey monkey

The mangabey – a rare terrestrial monkey – is known from only a handful of sites in Ghana and is considered by the IUCN to be globally Critically Endangered with extinction. The mangabey was discovered during the course of a camera trapping survey of Atewa Forest. A Rocha scientists were trying to establish the current status of animals living on the forest floor which are often vulnerable to hunting and trapping. Read A Rocha research and papers on Atewa

Source of water to millions of Ghanaian people

The importance of the ecosystem services that Atewa Forest provides to many Ghanaians was highlighted in a report to the Government of Ghana titled The Economics of the Atewa Forest Range, Ghana. Chief amongst these services is the clean water supply flowing from the Atewa hills on which many millions of Ghanaians depend.

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