Take Root

The next video in A Rocha’s ‘Elements of Hope’ video series, Take Root, explores the benefits of developing deep relationships and committing to a particular place or community over time. 

This video shares A Rocha’s approach to conservation over the long term through two specific stories, including the protection of vulnerable habitats of the Alvor Estuary in Portugal and living by example amidst a younger population in Uganda new to ideas such as creation care.  

Sara Kaweesa of A Rocha Uganda explains, ‘I think when we put down roots, God is probably doing something. Maybe using your life to speak to somebody else. You just have to get there and do what you’re supposed to do so that other people can either copy you or your light shines out to them, and they will see the light and know where to go.’  

Being rooted in a community helps us grow and flourish, while also giving shelter and encouragement to others through our faithful and steady obedience to God’s calling for us, whatever it may be.  

Marcial Felgueiras of A Rocha Portugal adds, ‘This is how A Rocha views conservation. You grow roots. You are dedicated to a place. I think that has made a huge impact. The reason for success is God, definitely. It is because we’ve obeyed God’s call that we’ve managed to keep the area (the Alvor Estuary) as it is.’  

Join us in watching Take Root and feel free to share the video with your church, school, bible study or youth group. You can find the accompanying discussion guide here and download the video from our Vimeo channel here. Let us know how you are taking root in your own community! 

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