The forest that educates its children

A Rocha Kenya has distributed another round of secondary school bursaries, in this case for Mekatilili Wa Menza Secondary School in Kilifi County.  Funds are generated from the Arabuko Sokoke Schools and Ecotourism Scheme (Assets), in particular a rather magical guided boardwalk tour through the mangroves at the Mida Creek.

You can see the joy it has brought the beneficiaries on their faces! Selected for their academic prowess, commitment to education and good character, this scholarship programme has given them the opportunity to gain life-changing academic qualifications.

In addition to the scholarship, Assets engages the community and schools in conservation. The environmental club in this school has been so diligent with their tree planting and tree nursery. Mr Mwarabu, who teaches Agricultural Studies in the school, extends his heartfelt regards to the efforts that A Rocha Kenya puts into the tree nursery at Kuvuka, where they were able to grow 1,000 seedlings and 750 of the trees have survived.

During the dry seasons, the school buys water from the motorbike riders just to make sure that the trees are watered and were well taken care of, and now the great green ambiance is a sight to esteem.

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