India Volunteering

A Rocha India welcomes volunteers to learn and assist in the various ongoing activities at the organization. We are looking for help in the following areas:

  • Organic farming
  • GIS expertise
  • Graphic design (for a range of projects: website, brochures, books, training materials)
  • Assistance with digitizing data
  • Creative writing and publications
  • Fundraising and public relations
  • Grant writing
  • Support of on-going research projects (subject to availability)

Volunteers would usually come for a period of four to eight weeks and would be based in shared accommodation at the field study centre in Kasserguppe, on the fringe of Bannerghatta National Park. Living conditions are basic, with local cuisine prepared by our in-staff housekeeper.

Since we are approximately 30 km from the city of Bangalore, life can sometimes get isolated. However, one can get to the city quite conveniently. Essentials are available in the small town of Bannerghatta, about 8 km away and accessible through local transport.

Our field study center is quite busy through the week, as we use it as our office as well as our base for field operations. On weekends, some of our researchers may go back to the city but some staff are always present.

Come prepared with long-sleeved clothing and comfortable work clothes and shoes, as you will be working in and around nature.

Costs: approximately $15 US per day for volunteers, inclusive of accommodation and all three meals (subject to change).

To apply, please fill out our volunteer application form.


Canada – nationwide

A Rocha Canada is establishing a nationwide network of conservation activities and is happy to welcome volunteers to join in with various events and activities across Canada:

  • Brooksdale Environmental Centre (Surrey, BC)
  • Cedar Haven Farm (Hamilton, ON)
  • Manitoba

For details, please see A Rocha Canada’s volunteer page for the latest opportunities.


A Rocha India and the COVID crisis

You will have seen ongoing reports from India where a crisis of historic proportions continues to unfold. The A Rocha India team have not only lost close personal friends, but several have themselves been seriously unwell with COVID-19. Medical infrastructure in Bangalore, where the centre is located, has completely collapsed and daily deaths in the area run to the hundreds.

The team are doing night-time elephant patrols to reduce crop raiding as most Forest Officers are not working, and many have been impacted by Covid. Villagers are now to a great extent dependent on A Rocha for prevention of human-elephant conflict, which has grown worse as wildlife has gained confidence during lockdown.

A Rocha India has also responded to the request to undertake Covid relief work by local government. Avinash Krishnan, who heads up A Rocha India, writes, ‘We are actively campaigning to meet the needs of people and help save lives. I am hoping this call for humanity will render justice in serving the needy through the work of A Rocha India.’

Throughout this terrible time, A Rocha India’s relationship with the local community and government has been strengthened and their reputation enhanced. Please pray this will bear fruit in their ability to carry out impactful work in the years to come.

Read more of A Rocha India’s work during the pandemic.

Photo: Distributing relief supplies to frontline staff of the Karnataka Forest Department. (A Rocha India)