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Meet A Rocha International’s new Deputy Executive Director

A Rocha International is happy to announce the appointment of Rev Dr Ben Lowe as Deputy Executive Director. Ben moved from Singapore to the USA as a teenager and is currently based in Florida. He has been part of the A Rocha family for many years, most recently working as a Senior Advisor to the Executive Director. We asked him a few things we thought you’d like to know.

1. Deputy Executive Director – what does one of those do?
Ha, how much space do you have for this answer?! Basically, I’ll be working closely with our Executive Director Simon Stuart, our trustees, and the rest of the management team to help lead ARI and support the good work that our teams are doing. This includes managing, fundraising, strategic planning, lots of praying, and much more! I’m also eager to continue immersing myself in A Rocha projects around the world and getting to know folks I haven’t had the opportunity to meet and work with yet.

2. Tell us some of the life experiences that have equipped you for this role?
Growing up and working in various cultural, geographic, and community contexts makes me incredibly excited about learning from and championing the great diversity of people and work across the A Rocha worldwide family. I’ve also long been personally and vocationally focused on bridging faith with conservation and science, whether as an ordained minister in the Christian and Missionary Alliance, or in my doctoral research on the human and religious dimensions of environmental change and conservation.

3. What is your favourite thing to do when you aren’t working?
Spending time with friends, whether out on the water, around a campfire, or over good food! I also love all things fish; my feelings about fish are similar to how Simon Stuart feels about amphibians and many across A Rocha feel about birds.

Please join us in praying for Ben and welcoming him to his significant leadership position which he will take up in early February. 

Science and Conservation Director

Science and Conservation Director – Portugal

 Since the beginning of A ROCHA, in 1983, science has always played a very important role. A ROCHA, as a nature conservation organization, has in its objectives to work for the protection and the correct management of natural areas with conservation value.

Among the work carried out in these almost 40 years, A ROCHA has databases of bird studies, both ringing and counts, with more than 100,000 registries. We also have databases on insects, namely Lepidoptera, exhaustive surveys of the local flora, various scientific reports and authorship or co-authorship in several peer-reviewed publications. A ROCHA has also collaborated on scientific projects with universities and other partners as well.

Because we are increasingly receiving Masters and PhD students and we want to expand our work in Portugal and deepen our partnerships, both with other A ROCHA and with universities and other partners, we need to have in our team someone dedicated to Conservation and Science. Of course, in a community and holistic spirit, characteristic of A ROCHA, you may have to help and participate in other areas of work of A ROCHA, such as environmental education, environmental advocacy, among others.

The post will be financed according to the missionary model, in which the candidate will have to guarantee his or her own funding. This post is preferably, although not exclusively, for one person, speaking, or wanting to learn, Portuguese or English, practical and with scientific work experience. It is necessary to have humour, flexibility to adapt to new situations and passion for people and nature conservation.

Follow this link for a more detailed job description.

A ROCHA in Portugal will receive registrations until January 31st, 2022. A pre-selection process will take place by the end of February 2022, in which a maximum of three candidates will be selected. These will be invited to come and spend a week in the Centre (will only have to pay for flights) during the spring months. This will be an opportunity to meet the team, the Field Study Center, the region, the work already carried out or in progress and to get an idea of what it is to live in Portugal, the conservation and science work developed by A ROCHA in Portugal and for us to know the candidates as well.

The selected candidate will be invited at the beginning of June to consider, in prayer, the invitation and to start as soon as possible.

Interested? Prepare your CV and Motivation Letter and fill out the form. If you have published scientific articles, either as an author or co-author, do not hesitate to attach them in the application. Looking forward to get to know you better.

On behalf of A ROCHA in Portugal

Marcial Felgueiras
Executive Director